COUNCIL CREST STAIRCASE   Staircase, banquette, and breakfast table with a view of Mt. Hood built entirely out of white oak apple-ply.
  GORILLY MOBILE SHOWROOM    Mobile showroom for e-commerce startup  Gorilly  comprised of bleached, solid oak slat-wall and gun-blued sheet steel.
Bright Design Lab Gallery Space
  CASE STUDY VANITY AND STOOL   Custom vanity for a mid-century home made. The wood species is Philippine Mahogany to match the existing Luann doors. The tops are Corian.
  KING & CO RECEPTION DESK    Custom designed reception desk in ebonized, quarter-sawn white oak for  King & Country Productions .
  BEAUMONT VANITY    Small beauty station in solid bleached white oak and white Formica.
  BEAUMONT JEWELRY BOX    Modern jewelry box in bleached white oak and ebony.
  MALIBU HEADBOARD    Oversized grain-matched teak headboard.