I was trained as an architect at U.C. Berkeley and have been working exclusively as a furniture maker for well over a decade. I try to seamlessly bridge design and craft when bringing each project to life from the initial pencil sketch to the final coat of finish. Working directly with my clients during the entire design process ensures that the final product exceeds their expectations. Before purchasing materials I create photo-realistic renderings of the work so that nothing is left to chance. When the design phase is finished, I hand select locally sourced hardwoods and the appropriate metals and begin fabrication. I mainly work with wood, steel, aluminum, brass, and glass but am open to alternative materials if the project calls for a more creative approach. My full service wood + metal fabrication studio can tackle any job... except for CNC work. Like John Henry, I still do all of my work by hand.


After an initial meeting to discuss the client's desires, I generate digital renderings of a few potential solutions and pitch them to the client. This process lasts as long as it has to so that the design is fully realized before materials are purchased. Utilizing photo-realistic software typically keeps the design process efficient, accurate, and ultimately minimizes the chance for any surprises as the work is built. 


After the design is agreed upon I obtain the necessary materials and get to work. I will usually send over progress photos from the shop so that the client can appreciate the process. 



Once the work is done I deliver and install the work myself to ensure that the client is happy and everything goes as smoothly as possible. Unless an assistant is needed for delivery, I am the only person involved from the initial meeting to the final delivery. It's a lot of work for one person but the results are predictably pleasing with so few variables in the process.